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Having worked in various settings over the past fifteen years, I was frustrated over the lack of progress made by children in educational settings. These children were having significant problems mastering basic academic skills. It would be so disheartening to learn that children who had advanced to high school continue to function on reading levels well below their grade level.. Interventions provided did not move them through the cycle of failure. This led to an increase in retentions and suspension as learning difficulties became serious behavioral problems.

In clinical settings, children would present with a wide variety of neurobehavioral health issues, only to be provided with therapeutic modalities that did not resolve their difficulties. I decided to upgrade my education and learn about the nervous system. I discovered that neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism, Conduct disorders were the byproduct of brain dysfunction. Previously, children I saw in clinical settings were treated with the assumption that their problems were psychological in nature. It is a fact that psychological factors are important, they are only the tip of the iceberg in understanding the underlying factors that are causative to many disorders of childhood. 

Gray Matter Neurobehavioral solutions was developed as a result of the many false assumptions made by educators, clinicians and parents regarding why children do not make progress academically or behaviorally. We offer solutions to these difficulties by providing a brain-based clinical practice whose interventions target the brain. We have solutions. we understand that Gray Matter Matters.

Jeheudi Mes Onyemachi Vuai, CEO/President

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